Evan Kroll, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Psychotherapy and Psychoeducational Testing
for Children, Teenagers, & Adults 


Lectures and Workshops

 I have lectured in a wide range of settings about:
parenting, marriage, teenage substance prevention, teenager's use of technology, child and adolescent development, ADHD, behavior management, and psychology in schools. 
Below is a partial list of Lecture or Workshop Titles: 
1) 1 Hour Crash Course in Great Parenting
2) Positive Parenting that Works
3) Responsible Parenting and Responsible use of Technology 
4) Get Smart about Drugs and Alcohol (For Parents or Students)
5) The dangers of Technology and Gaming Addictions (For Parents or Students)
6) Behavior Modification for the Classroom (For Schools)
7) Five Qualities of A Great Teacher (For Schools)  
8) How to Communicate with Parents Effectively (For Schools) 
9) What you need to know when you teach ADHD children (for Schools) 
10) Appropriate boundaries and behavior for Camp Counselors

If your organization, school, agency, or camp is interested in learning more, 
please feel free to be in contact.
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